Monday, October 24, 2011


Dear Mom,
This week was good, not much going on in the way of teaching but we did have one cool experience. We taught a referral that met us at the church building with our ward mission leader, and we taught her as we toured the church, and the spirit was very powerful. We ended at the baptismal font, and she actually asked us how long it took to join the church. It was the only time I think I've ever had someone ask me that question, but it was awesome. We also got to teach another lady about the plan of salvation and since she recently lost her husband we got to talk to her about the work that goes on in the Spirit World, and she got very excited aobut it, it was super cool. Other than that, we've pretty much just been doing lots of tracting, but I do feel like I'm continuing to learn, and as the time of my depature draws nearer I'm having to face reality and not liking it at all, but such is life ya know. I know that God lives, and loves us, that Jesus is the Christ, and that we can all receive personal revelation through the Holy Ghost.


Elder Hughes

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