Monday, October 17, 2011

Good News

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was crazy, between a 2 day leadership training, an exchange with the zone leaders, and a stake service project, I think I actually spent more time outside my area than in. We were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday, but it actually happened on Wednesday, and turned out to be a double baptism, so it was super exciting!!! Both people got confirmed on Sunday, so it was a great end to a week of craziness. As the end of this mission draws near, I can't help but reflect, and as I've done so I've tried to think of the most important things I could share with people, and I'm drawn again and again to obedience. It is the first law of everything, and the basis of our conversion to the gospel. In short it is the key to making everything go around, without it there would be only empty dreams, and dead works. It truly is the most important thing we can be. Were it not for the Saviors' devotion to obedience, surely he wouldn't have carried on through the agonizing pain of suffering the wrath of God....Through our obedience we show our respect to him, and love to him as he himself stated, and as we learn in the scriptures, we were placed here to see if we would be obedient. I would hope that we all might evaluate our level of obedience and strive to increase it, so that we might enjoy the blessings of our loving Father in Heaven more fully in our lives, is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Elder Hughes

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