Monday, October 31, 2011

It's sinking in... the mission is almost over

Dear Mom,
I think that I can actually fit everything now thank goodness. No I didn't get your package yet, but I'll watch for it. I was actually going to talk about my bike, you must be psychic. I'm currently in the process of packing it. Sounds like the hunt wasn't too good this year, but we'll get them next year. I also have a request, the last book of the eragon series comes out the 8th of november, and we need to get it so I can read it, hint, hint.....anyway, this week was a long one it just seemed to drag by. Between everyone reminding me constantly that I go home next week, and the lack of things to do, it just seemed like the week drug on forever. We did get a call from one of our top investigators, and we're excited to meet with her again and get to teach her. Hopefully we'll be able to commit her to baptism. I wanted to send a funny picture home. Since next week is my last week to write, I plan on writing my end address to the world there so I'm going to keep this letter short, but know that I love you, and miss you, and look forward to seeing you soon.


Elder Hughes

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