Monday, December 28, 2009

I love Mail..

Hello, In case you haven't heard there was recently a plane crash in Jamaica, and I would like to tell you a little bit about it. The plane apparently overshot the runway, due to the terrible rain storm that occurred that night. The plane broke into 3 pieces, and lost an engine. Most of the passengers were covered in jet fuel, but luckily nothing exploded. On top of that the plane stopped only a few feet from a cliff that dropped into the ocean. This past week we had a number of missionaries fly home so they could spend Christmas with their families and be home on time to get to school this spring. One of those missionaries was on that flight, and it is currently believed that she is the reason that the passengers on that plane aren't all charred remains at the bottom of the ocean. So if any of you ever worry about me, you shouldn't because this just goes to show you that the Lord watches out for his missionaries.In happier news, Chrsitmas was this week, and I would like to thank those of you that sent me cards, and presents, and what not. It really helped me to feel the love and support of all of guys. Christmas eve we spent the night with a family that loves missionaries, and it was a lot of fun. Christmas day we spent the day at members' houses and got to call home which was really fun. Thank you again for all your love and support.So one of the Elders that went homes' companion is now with me and Elder Thacker, so we're covering 2 wards which is making things really interesting. On the bright side we have met some new people in the other ward. But it makes things really tight with miles. We finally got back in with out investigator that dropped off the face of the earth, and we found out what his problem is. Apparently he believes that Adams' fall couldn't possibly be part of Gods' plan, and that we should all have been born into the Garden of Eden. His problem is that he thinks the Book of Mormon is trying to contradict the Bible in this situation. Our problem is that the Bible doesn't even support his beliefs, and we know that his belief comes from the Jehovah's witnesses. So it's really tense right now, but we're going to try and fix it Wednesday night. So if you could pray for us that'd be great. We currently have some new people that we're trying to get in with, but we're not having much luck. On the bright side though we're making a lot of headway with the less actives we're working with and the part member families we're working on. We had like 6 less actives come to church yesterday which was great. So for the next 2 weeks while we have the extra missionary with us, we get to go to 2 churches which was really crazy yesterday. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long, but I can't say I didn't like it because it was cool to get to see all the different stuff that happens in different wards.Today we're taking some pictures so I should be sending some home very soon.Love you all, Ttys
Elder Hughes

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Georgia

Some of the members in Craig's new ward invited the missionaries over for breakfast on Christmas morning. They were nice enough to send me this picture. It looks like they had a great time.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas email

Hey guys,
I hope this holiday season is going well, and you're all enjoying the special spirit that is felt during this time of year. As we continue to learn about the Savior and the things he's done for us, the Spirit will continue to testify of his love for us. I continue to urge all of you that can to take this wonderful opportunity to get to the temple as often as possible. Things are going well here, it was a bit of a rough week this work, but the work here continues to move forward at an ever increasing rate. We did have a baptism Saturday, which was my first official investigator to be baptized :) it was awesome. The best part though was that I got to confirm her yesterday, and I've been told I did good, so I'm super excited about that. We have another investigator Paul that is so golden it's ridiculous, he'll probably be baptized around the end of January or the beginning of February. The members here are taking really good care of us so don't worry about me, i've got plenty of sweets, and a stack of presents surprisingly. Surprisingly I haven't gained any weight yet, so i'm pretty happy about that especially since i'm in a car. One of the Elders in the Lawrenceville 1st ward is going home tomorrow so we get to have his companion until transfers, so we have to cover two wards which is going to be interesting with our severely limited miles. A missionary got home two days ago here, and it was really cool to get to see what it's like (even though I doubt it'll be anything like it was here in Utah). Christmas will be awesome. The ward is really staring to like me and Elder Thacker so it's cool to see them getting really involved with the work. Thank you to everyone that is supporting me, you guys don't know how much it means that you're behind me. I love you all, and hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
Elder Hughes

Monday, December 14, 2009

Emails are GREAT too

The pictures were cute, thank you. That's crazy that it's been snowing there, it's been raining like non-stop here (it doesn't usually snow) but overall it hasn't been too bad. So the mail thing is pretty much retarded, the mission home has my mail address correct, the mail man just wouldn't put my mail in the box. So I got my christmas card and a letter from Jaimie which i think was written before I left the MTC so yeah i'm kinda mad about that. If you could tell her that i'll write as soon as I can that'd be great. But yeah Georgia is pretty awesome, and we are meeting a lot of people, which is good for me because it helps me get over being shy. Thanks for the christmas presents, I haven't opened them yet but i'm sure they're awesome. So we had interviews this week, and it was pretty cool to get to meet with President King and have all of ours leaders teach us. This morning me and my companion had our first doctrinal disagreement, which was totally not related to anything we teach, but it was just funny because he grew up in the church and I proved him wrong. So we were talking about the plan of Salvation, then we started talking about sons of perdition and the war in heaven, and he thought that when Satan and all his spirits were cast out they just went to earth, but i showed him that that happened before the earth was created, then we started talking about the Millenium and he thought that Satan being sealed up just meant that people would be so righteous that Satan wouldn't be able to tempt them, but I proved that Christ would actually seal up Satan and his spirits in a prison just like it says in chapter 20 of Revelation so yeah it was sweet. We have a baptism coming up this saturday which i'm excited about, but pretty much after that we don't really have anyone that's too close, but we do have a lot of new people to teach so that's good. The bishop here is pretty cool, and he's really missionary minded which really helps. The ward loves me and Elder Thacker so yeah things are going great and we have lots of good stuff going on. How's it going with getting to the Temple? I wish we could go, but the temple wont be open until like next november. Well I hope everything is going good, and I'm sorry you miss me but there's not much I can do about that. Ttyl
Elder Hughes

Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekly Note...

Hey guys, as you know it's december, and that means we need to work out a time for me to call on Christmas, I think it'll be sometime in the afternoon so fyi. I'm still not sure how it all works. This week was awesome, we had my first zone conference, which was awesome, because President King is an amazing leader. We committed 2 of our investigators to be baptised on the 19th, which was awesome, but we're still not sure about one so we'll see how it goes. Did you see the Christmas devotional? it was awesome, because of course it was about the Savior and his love for us. I encourage you to be going to the temple, because the spirit there allows us to feel Christs' love for us even stronger. Georgia has like the weirdest weather ever, when they say it's going to snow it's sunny, and when it's supposed to be sunny it downpours. We had the cooloest rainstorm ever, you could literally see the different sheets of rain coming and going. It makes it so much easier to see why it's flooded here, because it doesn't just rain it like drowns you. I'm going on my first exchange this week, so that'll be interesting, but i'm sure it'll be great. I found my first new investigator this week which was totaly awesome, and I got to go to a baptism (not for an investigator or anything it was an 8 year old) and they let me and Elder Thacker be the witnesses which was awesome. We're supposed to start teaching a less active familys' son so that he can be baptised soon, so we'll hopefully get them re-activated and get him baptised. Another family we're teaching wants us to baptise their daughter, but they don't want to come to church so we just teach them, but we don't really plan on baptising her because it would just be pointless. I also got to give 3 blessings this week which was cool, I did the annointing on 2 of them and sealed the other which was totally awesome. We're doing this scripture study as a mission that President King challenged us to, because Elder Hafen of the seventy is coming in a few months to do a mission tour, and we finish right before he gets here. I'm trying to learn to play the piano (which i'm terrible at by the way) and it's going ok, I can play half of the right hand stuff but i'm not coordinated to do both hands. This week we also started tracting, which is super scary, but super fun at the same time. We haven't gotten any new investigators out of it yet, but we've talked to a lot of people. Last night we tracted into a guy that looked like he could rip me in half, it was like "yikes." But I'm loving it here, it's really fun. I hope everything is going well back home, sounds like it is but ya never know. Ttyl Elder Hughes