Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving AGAIN...


Well, this is officially my last letter from Shallowford, turns out I'm being emergency transferred to the Allatoona ward. I think this is probably due to the fact that for the last week my companion has had to stay in our apartment, and so the President is moving me and taking him to the Office so they can take care of him. Which means, I have set my speed record for serving in an area, making it not even 2 weeks here. We're leaving our current apartment at 6 o clock tonight, and I'll be heading on to my new area. My short lived stay here was quite a productive one, we got a lot of good things going in this ward, but unfortunately after we leave there wont be any Elders in the ward and I'm not sure how they feel about that. I think a lot of them will be hurt, but there's nothing we can do. This is a perfect example of how important it is for us all to know that no matter what happens, it's for our good. I'm not exactly sure why the Lord sent me here, but it ties into his plan somehow I'm sure. Needless to say, I think I now hold the record for the number of areas served in in 8 months. My bike has also had a lot of trouble this week, I've had 4 flat tires and a blowout, I have no idea why, but I hope I've got it all sorted out. Anywho, the work goes on. I've been very impressed this week with the topic of enduring to the end. We all face trials in life, we know we're going to, it's part of Gods' plan. So we should expect it, and do all we can to prepare for it. But there are times in life where we get thrown a curve ball, and it's those moments where we don't know what to do that we are truly tested and learn. It's at those points in life where we really have to dig in, do what we can, and lean on the Lord, and I know that if we do that, he'll carry us through. I've also been impressed with the importance of Obedience, it's the most important Christlike attribute, and is the basis for all blessings we receive. But my challenge to you would be to study the difference and importance of Strict Obedience, and Exact Obedience. I love you all, and I hope you're doing well.

Elder Hughes

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