Monday, June 28, 2010

Moved Again

Hello People,

Now coming to you live from the Shallowford ward, Elder Hughes gives you his weekly report of awesomenessess. My new companion is Elder McBride, he's pretty cool, except for the fact that he is allergic to gluten, and so has a very strict diet. That makes it rough on the members to feed us, but they're being very helpful and we're very grateful for they're support. It turns out, that I've actually served in this area before (on exchange) so I kind of know what's going on. But on the down side, since I left, a lot of bad things have happened and a lot of ward members have been very offended by the previous missionaries. On top of that this is the hardest area in this mision to find people to teach, due to the fact that everyone here is rather well off. So, this area is really going to be a challenge, but we're moving forward with Faith and Trust that we can do what we need to. We're workig on setting up a lot of things right now so it's kind of hectic, but in the end I think it will all work out to be a great benefit and help to the work. This week I've been really impressed by the latter chapters in Alma, particularly the ones about the stripling warriors, and I've been think a lot about the difference between strict and exact obedience and why they're both important. I've also been studying a lot about finding people to teach, and I've been tryign to figure out what we can do in this area, but unfortunately it takes time to get all these things gong so right now we're just in a building stage. I would like to express my appreciation to all those of you who have sent me supplies and assistance, they are much appreciated and you will be blessed for it. That's about all for this week Love ya!

Elder Hughes

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