Monday, July 19, 2010

Mail's Here...

This week was a hot one, and a wet one. We got caught in a couple big rainstorms while tracting, and I ended up getting soaked to the bone.But it was nice to get a break from the heat for a little while. We did manage to find a new investigator that came to church this week, and meet some of the less active members of the ward, who are all super nice, they just don't come to church for one reason or another. Things have been tough getting going here, because we don't know anybody and everyone seems to think we should by now. They keep telling us to do stuff, and I feel like it's impossible since they aren't trying to help us out all that much. Our Ward Mission Leader has been great, he's helping us out a ton, but he's really new to his calling so he's learning just like we are. The work hasn't really started to pick up yet, but it's definitely starting to look more promising. We have a lot of potentials, and follow up visits to work with this week, so hopefully things go well. We're going to try to start visiting other churches, and improve our relationships with them since there seems to be a lot of hostility due to previous experiences with missionaries. A lot of Pastors are preaching against us, so we're going to do all that we can to fight that and trust the Lord to make it work. This week has been a good testimony builder of the importance of hard times in life, we all face them, and we never know what to expect of them. Some are more trying than others, and some help us grow more than others. But the one comforting thing to know is that Christ has descended below all things, and knows the pains that we feel, as well as our stress and discomfort, and is willing to help at any time in our lives. But, what I want to talk about it being a disciple of Jesus Christ. As a disciple, we have a responsibility to help those arounds bear one anothers burdens, but as with any of the commandments or covenants we make the Lord has attached a promise. He tells us that if we lose our life to the service of others, we will find ours. This rings true in the case of our trials, when we help others face theirs, it helps us get through ours. Thus creating a mutual support system that strengthens and enlightens and uplifts both parties. This truly is a great part of the Lords plan for us in our lives, and he truly wants us to have help and support along the journey of our life, and since he can't do it himself, he asks us to do it for him. I know he does it because he loves us in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. I hope ya'll r doing well, and staying out of trouble. Ttyl
Elder Hughes

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