Monday, November 30, 2009

My note for today...

So my first week has been pretty awesome, the mission president and his wife are really cool and apparently are doing a lot of crazy things with the missionaries down here. My companions' name is Elder Thacker, he's a district leader. Right now we're serving in the Lawrenceville 2nd ward which is a pretty small area. I got to start out in a car, but el presidente says he's probably going to split my area and put my companion and I on bike. I'm not gonna lie I like it here, the humidity isn't too bad yet, and it's not too cold. On the other hand the roads here and completely insane, and everyone drives like a maniac (including my companion) so i'm kinda scared to drive. There are like thousands of trees everywhere, like seriously every where you look you can pretty much only see trees with the occasional house. The people here are super nice, and friendly. I had to give a talk the first week I was here, so everyone could get to know me -I talked about gratitude- so everybody kind of knows me now. We've already found someone that might need me to change a toilet out, but it's not for sure yet so i'll have to let you know how that goes. Talking to people here about religion is awesome, you just start talking about it and they're super open and willing to talk with you, it's really cool. A lot of people here do smoke though so it smells kind of bad sometimes. Apparently they had a baptism the saturday before I got here, so I was kind of bummed that I missed it, but we should have another coming up soon. My companion is a total talker, he loves talking, and as a result we're late to everything, which as you know drives me crazy, so I haven't had a whole lot of time for much of anything yet. My P-Days are now on monday so that's why i'm emailing you today. So yeah pretty much it's awesome here, and I'm having lots of fun, hope you guys are ok, I haven't heard from anyone in a while so i'm kinda worried but i guess i'll get over it. Anyways ttyl.
Elder Hughes

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