Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekly Note...

Hey guys, as you know it's december, and that means we need to work out a time for me to call on Christmas, I think it'll be sometime in the afternoon so fyi. I'm still not sure how it all works. This week was awesome, we had my first zone conference, which was awesome, because President King is an amazing leader. We committed 2 of our investigators to be baptised on the 19th, which was awesome, but we're still not sure about one so we'll see how it goes. Did you see the Christmas devotional? it was awesome, because of course it was about the Savior and his love for us. I encourage you to be going to the temple, because the spirit there allows us to feel Christs' love for us even stronger. Georgia has like the weirdest weather ever, when they say it's going to snow it's sunny, and when it's supposed to be sunny it downpours. We had the cooloest rainstorm ever, you could literally see the different sheets of rain coming and going. It makes it so much easier to see why it's flooded here, because it doesn't just rain it like drowns you. I'm going on my first exchange this week, so that'll be interesting, but i'm sure it'll be great. I found my first new investigator this week which was totaly awesome, and I got to go to a baptism (not for an investigator or anything it was an 8 year old) and they let me and Elder Thacker be the witnesses which was awesome. We're supposed to start teaching a less active familys' son so that he can be baptised soon, so we'll hopefully get them re-activated and get him baptised. Another family we're teaching wants us to baptise their daughter, but they don't want to come to church so we just teach them, but we don't really plan on baptising her because it would just be pointless. I also got to give 3 blessings this week which was cool, I did the annointing on 2 of them and sealed the other which was totally awesome. We're doing this scripture study as a mission that President King challenged us to, because Elder Hafen of the seventy is coming in a few months to do a mission tour, and we finish right before he gets here. I'm trying to learn to play the piano (which i'm terrible at by the way) and it's going ok, I can play half of the right hand stuff but i'm not coordinated to do both hands. This week we also started tracting, which is super scary, but super fun at the same time. We haven't gotten any new investigators out of it yet, but we've talked to a lot of people. Last night we tracted into a guy that looked like he could rip me in half, it was like "yikes." But I'm loving it here, it's really fun. I hope everything is going well back home, sounds like it is but ya never know. Ttyl Elder Hughes

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