Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I got mail..

Mom, Dad, Matthew and Tyler,
So far the MTC has been good, I'm getting used to the schedule. My companions name is Elder Johnson, he's from Wyoming and he's alot like me so we get along pretty well. I'm learning a lot of stuff, and I've found out that I kind of have a knack for teaching with the spirit, but I still have a long way to go. The food here is pretty good except for the beverages that give evryone gas. Being here has also helped my testimony grow a lot already, and I'm making tons of friends. Tell dad he was wrong about alot of stuff. I get to play basketball for an hour 5 times a week, and they served us cheesecake yesterday. My teachers are amazing, they both really know what we need and I'm learning a ton from them. Being here is a lot like college, you just don't have "free" time. We get to walk around the temple on Sundays, and Tuesday nights a general authority comes to speak to us. Ice cream nights are on Wednesday and Saturday. They keep us well fed but we don't get a lot of sleep. There are 12 missionaries in my district- the largest district in the MTC currently- and they're all cool guys. 3 are from Canada, and as you can imagine we joke about that a lot. 5 Elders are going to the Vegas mission, 2 to Houston, and the other 4 are going to Georgia with me. Tell Bree her letter was cute and thank you for the picture. I hope everythings ok and that you don't miss me too much. 2 years will fly by like nothing and before you know it I'll be back. I love you guys and I'll write to you again on Friday since that'll be my p-day until I get to Georgia. Hope to hear from you soon,
Elder Hughes
(yes it actually is Elder Hughes now)
p.s. Please send me 5 pairs of white socks and my grey shoes I left in the truck- I know I'm an airhead- Thanks

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  1. Good letter, sounds like he's fitting right in. In another week or so he will be leaving there huh? Give him our love.