Friday, September 9, 2011

The Monday Holiday Slowed down Delivery

Dear Mom,
Tyler just needs to understand that he can't beat everyone, and besides that it's only a game...Until he beats my record of 3 point or bigger for 5 straight years he has no room to talk. (Craig is talking about Tyler beating his high score on the Cabela's xbox Dangerous Hunts game- then dad beating both records two hours later, and the fact that he has to win in real life "deer hunting" as well) Anyway, couldn't email yesterday because of the holiday, the libraries were all closed. The baptism didn't work out, the lady decided she wanted to wait for her daughter, but that's not a problem. The weather last week was straight up hot, but it's been raining for about 48 hours straight, but most of it has been a very light rain so there's not a ton of water but everything is soaked. Today it's almost cold enough for a jacket on the bike. Nothing too interesting to report here, keep an eye out for a package that I'm going to send tomorrow, hopefully I wont need to send more than one more after this one. I have acquired a lot of stuff it seems, but I think I might be able to fit back into my suitcases now. I'm hoping that I'll be able to fit everything into one suitcase so I wont have to pay anything at the airport, but that'll really be a stretch. I still haven't decided what to do with my bike because I want a bike when I get home, but shipping it home is sooooo expensive, so I'm still not sure there. Just fyi, I've known my release date since I got here. I don't know what time I get home and all that stuff, but I figure I'll know when I need to know. Things are going well, we learned in District Meeting today about Faith and murmuring, it was a really powerful lesson, and it made me realize that I complain too much so I'm working on not doing it anymore. We noticed an interesting thing the other day, everyone that we're teaching currently has some kind of physical ailment that is preventing them from coming to church or getting baptized, but it's alright, we know it'll work out. I know the Savior lives, and that he loves us, and I pray that we might be obedient to his commandments so that he can truly save us from death, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Love you all!


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