Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bonus.... Mail With Pictures

He actually sent a few pictures with his letter this week. The first two pictures are from his last area. The Elders Quorum president and another lady that has helped them a lot.
The picture below is the family he is working with now.

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a busy one, between trying to get to know everyone, and all the hustle of daily routines, I had to prepare a talk for Sacrament meeting. Unfortunately, they only gave me 7 minutes to talk about Personal Revelation in missionary work, with an introduction to myself so the ward could get to know me, so I didn't get to share all the things I wanted to, but if that's the biggest worry I have, then I must be doing pretty good all things considered. We unfortuately had to move our baptism that was scheduled for this week back to next week, but I feel that it will happen, so I'm excited for that. I'm still trying to figure out what the Lord is trying to teach me with my new companion, he's hard of hearing and has a personality that isn't too much like mine so working together is interesting. Unfortunately I do most of the talking, but maybe that's what I'm supposed to be learning, but it's fun to get to experience different things and face different challenges. Before I relay my next clue, I apparently need to clarify something I said last week that I didn't realize. I have now served in 5/8 of the zones in this mission, sorry for any confusion that may have caused. The clue for this week is one of the major roads in my last area runs through this area. This week I would like to talk about Faith. Faith is a gift from God that comes from the Spirit, it is an unfailing source of power in this life, but we must first seek to build it in our lives, and acquire it's two companions. The opponents of Faith are Doubt and Fear, these are counter acted by Hope and Charity, which explains the necessity of them accompanying Faith as explained in Moroni 7. We must seek to grow our Faith, and as we do all other things will follow, for with Faith comes Knowledge, Temperance, Hope, Charity, Virtue, Godliness, and in short all other attributes that help us become like Christ. We acquire these things through careful study of and obedience to the gospel, which is the key to recieving Eternal Life as outlined in 2Nephi31:20. I know that this is true, that we can become like the Savior, and that these 3 attributes are the keys to progressing towars Eternal Life while in the days of our probation. We are sons and daughters of God, Christ is the Savior. The Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was the Prophet of God that translated it, and restored the gospel in this final dispensation. Thomas Monson is the Prophet chosen today to lead and guide us. I bear witness of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Elder Hughes

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