Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Mail

Dear Family and Friends,
Man this was an interesting week, Tuesday night I went and spent the night with the Zone Leaders down in Sandy Plains, because we had to go to another meeting in Lilburn Wednesday, and it was fun, but the couch I slept on was like a rock, and I didn't sleep much. The meeting was cool, and President taught us some cool stuff, and helped me understand what I can do to help the District I'm in charge of more. I also had the opportunity to ask him for a blessing, because I'd felt like I needed to, and it was such a cool experience, just thinking about it makes my eyes water. The Spirit was so powerful, I just felt so loved, and confident, and glad to be where I am that it made me cry, and President gave me a very powerful blessing that had helped me a lot. Then, we had to head home, and that's where things got hairy.... On the way home, we took the freeway route, which ended up being a very bad idea. The temperature dropped below freezing, and there was a light mist of rain falling, and very soon the traffic came to a screeching halt. We got on another freeway, and very soon the same thing happened, and 2 of the other missionaries in the car started making fun of the cars on the other side of the road, because they were driving 25 miles per hour of less, in no traffic at all, but they quit laughing when they saw the first suv sideways in the middle of the freeway.... Needless to say, the roads iced over very quickly, and getting home became quite a chore. Luckily we made it without harm or accident, but the hour long trip ended up taking 5 and a half, and to top it all off I had to use the bathroom the whole time. Anyways, the rest of the week was uneventful, just working with the members and teaching away. Our main investigator is getting much closer to baptism, but unfortunately I think he's going to be leaving before it happens, but oh well, onward and upward. I'm really starting to think this ward wants to get rid of me, on account of all the comments being made recently about how long I've been here, so I don't what that means, but oh well, I can't control that. Anyways, I'm so grateful for this awesome time of the year, and for all those of you who've sent cards of gifts, I extend my sincerest thanks, you're help is so much appreciated. I would like to bear you my witness of the reality of the Priesthood, it is absolutely real, and it absolutely contains the power to strengthen, and uplift us in our life, and help us accompish the Lord's will. I know that our Savior lives, that his life and example are the key to returning to the presence of our Father, and that his Atonement makes it all possible, I testify that this gospel is true, that God knows and loves his children, and that he wants to and will help us as we ask in Faith. I love you all, and leave this with you in the name of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ Amen.
Elder Hughes

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