Monday, October 18, 2010

Message for the Week

Dear Family and friends,
This week was a lot of knocking doors, a lot of bike riding, and a lot of annoyance. We spent a good portion of most of ours days tracting very unsuccessfully, hopefully though we should have a couple baptisms coming up soon, but we'll have to see. One day in particular stands out in my mind, it was Wednesday. The first house we came to was abandoned, so we went to the next, and the guy came out the door and cussed us out while threating us, and told to get off his property (first time this has ever happened), thankfully I've gotten my temper under control a bit better, or things may have gone south really quickly, because this man was just plain rude.... So that was the first door we knocked that day, and the rest of the day was just terrible, until we got to the last door. We had a referral in the area, so we decided to go contact him, and thank goodness he was home. So we sat down on his porch and began to talk with him, and fairly quickly he told us of a dream he'd had the night before we first contacted him, and in this dream he saw the second coming, and the final judgement, and he was told that "the Latter Day Saints would lead the way." After he told us this, I didn't know what to say, but the Spirit bore witness to me that this man had received a witness that our church is Christ's church, and all I could think was how quick can we get this man baptized, unfortunately we soon found out that his family is not so receptive, but that didn't even matter to me. To think that the Lord had prepared such a miracle was so astonishing to me that I was speechless, and it humbled me to tears. I've been looking for something cool like this to happen my whole mission, and it seems all that's ever happened has been the crazy stuff, but I guess I was finally ready for it. It was really cool to see that the Lord really does have his hand in this work, and to get to know that he is preparing people for us. That's something I've struggled with ever since I came our, but I know now how much he loves us. The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, but I'm sure things will pick up. I love you all, and I hope you're doing well, know that I pray for you, and I am deeply grateful for your prayers in my behalf. I know that this Gospel is true. Take time to study it and learn, and I know that you can learn how to be happy and successful in life.

Elder Hughes-

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