Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hello World,
I am sorry for the delay, but I have recently mailed out responses to almost all of the letters I have received so you shold get them soon. This week was pretty good, we did a LOT of service. We dug a drainage ditch for one of our investigators, and helped another one put up a fence. I fixed a water heater for some members that live in town, so it was a busy week. We didn't get to do much finding, but we did get to spread some of Christs' love in Monticello. Our investigators that we've been trying to get to church forever came, so we get to baptize them on Saturday. I'm super excited about that, and I'm actually on exchange with the District Leader, and we're going to do the interviews as soon as I'm done emailing. I get to be in charge of my area for a day since my senior companion is up in Covington, so I'm kind of nervous but at the same time excited. We had district meeting today, and we got a chance to ask questions and talk about them together. I brought up a question that someone asked us recently which is: How could Satan talk to God like it says in the Book of Job? My companion realized that he was talking to Jehovah, and that cleared things up. Though I still don't understand it here's the answer I came up with: Jehovah had not yet received a body, and had not inherited his Celestial Glory so Satan being cast out of God's presence wouldn't affect the situation, and would allow Satan to communicate with him. This isn't doctrine, it's just what I came up with. Things here continue to go well, but we're trying to do better always. I love you guys, and I hope all is well. I pray for you all the time.
Love, Elder Hughes

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