Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally... We KNow Where He Is!

Greetings from Monticello Georgia, Jamie figured out where I was, so I can tell everyone now. But I must say it took ya long enuff yall. So yeah, I'm in Monticello in Jasper County and this is the southernmost point in this mission, and conveniently used to be in the Macon mission (I was hoping my someone would get the reference to that since I have a cousin that served there). It's a cozy little town of about 2400 people, but geographically is ginormous. We cover all of Jasper county, which is like 6 times larger than my last area, and we do it on 900 miles a month (which is straight up ridiculous because we have to drive 53 (one way) to get to Zone Conference, and 30 (one way) to get to District Meetings and Interviews and such). So things are really interesting. But, we have some good things going for us here. We're really well known in the community, and the town really likes us, and we actually just started a Q&A news paper article that covers the entire county. So we have a lot of resources, and we do a lot of teaching and service, but I love it. This week we had Zone Conference, and it was all about obedience and putting forth the effort to create the miracles rather than wait for them to happen. We also talked about safety since it's Tornado season now. It has rained here quite a bit, but the weather has been very nice off and on. We had a district P-day yesterday, and I got to try and teach 2 other missionaries how to golf, which surprisingly went well. I got to go on exchange up in Covington, which was sweet. I taught 2 of the wackiest lessons I've ever taught, but had fun doing it. One was just a random discussion, and the other was about the Plan of Salvation which transitioned into the Restoration, then went back it was super long. But it was fun. Thank you guys for the mail, I got back from exchange and I had like 8 letters (more than I've gotten in the last 9 weeks) so it was really nice to get some updates on what's going on in the real world. I have interviews tomorrow, so I wont sick President King on anybody....Yet....But you better stay on your toes. We didn't have as eventful a week as last week, but I'm sure the next one will be great. Thank you guys for all your love and support, and I want yall to know that I'm doing fine, I've adjusted to being a missionary really well, and I'm enjoying myself a lot. I have learned how to eat more foods, but I'm still working on that. The people here are super nice, and it does bug me that they don't keep their commitments, but that was another thing we talked about in Zone Conference so we'll see how that goes now. I miss you guys too, but not as much as you miss me I'm sure, because I'm focusing on the Work, and I love you all and I'm praying for you too. I wish I could tell yall everything I've learned since I got here, but I don't have enough time to type it. I may rescind my ban on personal letter writing, but that's not for sure yet. Have fun, and take care.

Sincerely, Elder Hughes

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