Monday, December 14, 2009

Emails are GREAT too

The pictures were cute, thank you. That's crazy that it's been snowing there, it's been raining like non-stop here (it doesn't usually snow) but overall it hasn't been too bad. So the mail thing is pretty much retarded, the mission home has my mail address correct, the mail man just wouldn't put my mail in the box. So I got my christmas card and a letter from Jaimie which i think was written before I left the MTC so yeah i'm kinda mad about that. If you could tell her that i'll write as soon as I can that'd be great. But yeah Georgia is pretty awesome, and we are meeting a lot of people, which is good for me because it helps me get over being shy. Thanks for the christmas presents, I haven't opened them yet but i'm sure they're awesome. So we had interviews this week, and it was pretty cool to get to meet with President King and have all of ours leaders teach us. This morning me and my companion had our first doctrinal disagreement, which was totally not related to anything we teach, but it was just funny because he grew up in the church and I proved him wrong. So we were talking about the plan of Salvation, then we started talking about sons of perdition and the war in heaven, and he thought that when Satan and all his spirits were cast out they just went to earth, but i showed him that that happened before the earth was created, then we started talking about the Millenium and he thought that Satan being sealed up just meant that people would be so righteous that Satan wouldn't be able to tempt them, but I proved that Christ would actually seal up Satan and his spirits in a prison just like it says in chapter 20 of Revelation so yeah it was sweet. We have a baptism coming up this saturday which i'm excited about, but pretty much after that we don't really have anyone that's too close, but we do have a lot of new people to teach so that's good. The bishop here is pretty cool, and he's really missionary minded which really helps. The ward loves me and Elder Thacker so yeah things are going great and we have lots of good stuff going on. How's it going with getting to the Temple? I wish we could go, but the temple wont be open until like next november. Well I hope everything is going good, and I'm sorry you miss me but there's not much I can do about that. Ttyl
Elder Hughes

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