Monday, August 15, 2011

No Transfers this week

Dear Family and Friends,
Thank Goodness the weather was a little cooler this week, and couple things happened....It's transfer week again, and I'm not getting transferred, and neither is my companion. This makes me believe that I'll be here in Roswell until the end of my mission. I went on exchange this last week, and for the 1st time in over 18 months drove a car. I was amazed that I remembered how, but having to deal with traffic (especially in Atlanta) made me grateful to be on a bike. Those were pretty much the highlights of the week. We did get to meet with M. Russell Ballard, but it wasn't anything special. JK, It was awesome!!!!!!!!! All the missionaries in the mission got to shake his hand, and we had a meeting with all the Bishops, Stake Presidencies, and Ward Mission Leaders. It was super cool. The work is going good, we met a bunch of new families that we'll hopefully start teaching soon, so we're pretty stoked about things right now. I appreciate all your letters, and prayers. I want to share one thought from Elder Ballard that really struck me. He talked about all those on the other side of the veil that are waiting and praying that one of their ancestors will accept the gospel and do their work, and it really helped me put in perspective just how urgent this work really is. I know that this is the Lords' work, and I love serving him. I know this is his true gospel. I love you all, hope all is well.
Elder Hughes

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