Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last Week's Mail (that I just received)

Dear Family and Friends,This last week has been a good one, we had a lot of good opportunities to work with less-active members. We also had a good opportunity to talk with the entire ward about Mormon.org, and making profiles. I would encourage all of you that read this to make one, because it is the church's new direction with missionary work, and you could help someone become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ through what you say. the ward is giving us a lot of resistance, and it's frustrating, but we all need to understand that this is direction given from the Prophet that he received through Revelation. Anyways, things are going well, and hopefully we should have a double baptism in February, so I'm pretty excited. I would like this week to share with you my thoughts about obedience. The entire plan of Salvation is contingent upon our obedience. God has given us a lot of guides such as Prophets, Scriptures, the Holy Ghost, Families, the Church, but all these things don't mean a thing if we don't choose to follow the counsel we receive. I would ask that we all please evaluate how obedient we are, and find areas where we can improve, because that is the very key to happiness and protection in this life. God has made so many promises, and the blessings are ours but we have to choose to keep the associated commandments. I testify that this is true, that God loves us and is waiting to shower down blessings upon us. Please follow the Lord, he is the key to joy, true everlasting joy. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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