Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly Message

This week was an up and down one, we had the opportunity to see an investigator get baptized, but I also realized how much I hate when that happens. I love to see someone come unto Christ, and enter the path to Eternal Life, but that means I don't get to work with them anymore, and that is extremely hard. It was interesting, because during her confirmation I felt how much I had loved working with her, but at the same time the emptiness of knowing that she was now in the wards' hands. But, it was a neat experience to get to be a part of it all. Last night also happened to be transfer calls, and we found out that our entire District is saying the same, which is extremely surprising since this will be our 3rd transfer together, which never happens. I think my companion is probably tired of me by now, but he's stuck with me, so hopefully he doesn't go crazy. This week one of our investigators had surgery, and told us he wasn't coming to church because of it, and our other investigator who is supposed to be baptized mysteriously wasn't home when we came to pick him up for church, so things have hit a wall for now. But, we'll get everything sorted out I hope. This week has also been a humbling experience, everything we've tried to do has fallen through, and I spent a lot of time being chastened, but on the bright side, I think I know what we need to improve on, so hopefully things start to get better. This week, I've really been impacted byt he importance of really talking to our Father in Heaven, I realized that I wasn't being as sincere in my prayers as I should, so I started to really put my heart into it, and I must say it was quite a difference, I would urge all of you to try to be more earnest and sincere in your prayers, because in the time that we have with our Father in Heaven, we really are able to receive guidance from him about what to do, and as we sincerely pour out our hearts to him, he will be able to speak to our hearts, because he'll know that we truly want to know. I know that our Heavenly Father lives, and loves us, and that he is waiting to pour out his blessings upon us, but it's up to us to show him that we truly desire them, and I know that if we do that, he will help us in every aspect of our lives where we may need his influence. Prayer truly is one of the most important things we have in this life. I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Hughes

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