Monday, April 19, 2010


Hey y'all,
How's it going? Things in Kennesaw are pretty repetitive right now. We have a lot of people in our potential teaching pool, but it's extremely difficult to get a hold of them because they're always busy, or at school and finals are coming up andverything. So we don't get to do a whole lot of teaching, mostly walking around and knocking on doors. We are teaching a couple people, and we should have another baptism or 2 coming up pretty soon. We are just trying to get people to church, which is as always a challenge, but the ward here is very helpful for getting people rides and helping out. This last week I had to give a talk in the singles branch, about prayer, and it really made me see the imoprtance of taking prayer seriously. I think as people we all tend to slack in this department sometimes, meaning not taking prayer as seriously as we should. One thing that I've found helps me is imagining that I'm literally talking to my Father in Heaven, it really helps me focus. I had my first experience with struggling to talk to someone this week, it was really funny because I got all shaky and I couldn't breathe and everything. I think the person probably thought I was hyperventilating but my shy side just came out. Hopefully I'll figure out how to fix it, because we're going to see said person tomorow so that'll be interesting. We had interviews with President King this week, which was cool. He gave me some advice on following the Spirit when it comes to certain situations, and it was really good. My companion and I are not gelling quite as good as we could, but I'm trying to work it out. It's hard though becuase he's on a really high horse and likes to argue with me about everything. But I'm trying hard to make it work so I'm sure the Lord will help me out. Basketball today has been cool, other than getting punched a couple of times and having a fat lip. We had a zone P-day so we have like 20 missionaries here balling it up. I've been studying the Old Testament a lot lately, and it's been really cool to see how things all got started so I can actually know what I'm talking about when I tell people stuff. Over all, I'm having fun and I continue to learn everyday. I miss you guys and I love. Hope to hear from you soon.

Elder Hughes

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