Monday, February 15, 2010



This week has been very interesting, the other Elders finally moved out of our apartment, we had an amazing Zone Conference with Elder Bruce C. Hafen, and I found out I'm being transferred.

Tuesday, I was on exchange with Elder Oyler, which was surprisingly fun. We tracted pretty much all day, and the only people we talked to were a Muslim Masque Instructor, 2 Jehovah's Witnesses, and a non-demoninational guy that was raised Baptist. On top of that it was raining, so it was pretty much a bad day.

Wednesday, and Thursday, Elder Thacker and I didn't really do anything, because Elder Thacker was trying to figure out how to split the area (still hasn't decided) and he got into an argument with the other Elders that I just stayed out of.

Friday was Zone Conference. Which was interesting, because it snowed all day, and we had to take 4 extra Elders home with us because the roads were blocked off and they couldn't get home.

Saturday we had a couple good lessons one with a newer investigator and one with a family we're teaching. We did some tracting again, but were unsuccessful. It was very windy, and we had to ride our bikes so it was a pain in the Bum. The other Elders moved, which was exciting.

Sunday we had a few investigators at church, but again all of our big people let us down and made up some excuse. Then I found out I was being transferred, and I have no time left to pack and I can't do it tomorrow, so I'm pretty much dead in the water. Sorry for the short letter, but I'm tired and I need all the time I can get to pack.
Elder Hughes

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