Monday, January 25, 2010

Yahoo!! Mail..

Well, it's definitely cool that it rained, but I bet we got more yesterday than y'all did all week. We got like 2 inches, it was crazy. How bout them Colts eh, from what I hear they're rocking the house. I'm glad that everything is going well with you guys, things have been kind of crazy here. We were blessed with a bunch of new investigators this week, and things are really staring to look up as far as building our teaching pool. We've been using our area book, and finding a lot of people that still want to learn, the Elders before just couldn't get in with them so we've been blessed in that aspect. We have had some awesome lesson this week with 2 couples that are really close to being ready to be baptized, and we'll probably give them a date soon. This transfer has started out a lot better than the last one, and Elder Thacker and I are finally learning how to teach together, so everything seems to be picking up. We have been blessed with some really good people to teach, but are having a hard time getting some of them to church. We're trying to figure out how to fix that, but it's difficult. The ward is willing to help, we just have to figure out how to work things. We have seen some less actives that have started coming again, which is really cool. I really feel like we're finally starting to accomplish things in the area.Biking has been really enjoyable so far, our area isn't crazy difficult to bike, and to be honest me companion isn't the fastest biker in the world so he's not too hard to keep up with. We have had a rather interesting incident this week, as I'm sure you know we have 4 Elders in the ward now -if you didn't know that you do now- and so we sometimes have to meet up for dinners and things and they'll give us rides while we're biking and what not. Anyways Friday night, we had dinner with one of the families in the ward, and they had some non-member friends over so it was really cool. Afterwards, we loaded the bikes on the car and set out for home, and lo and behold, one of the other Elders tries to make a 3 point turn and backs into a mailbox. His companion immediately started trying to blame us (still is) by saying that it was our responsibility to back the driver up, when in truth it is the co-driver/companion of the driver/person in the passenger seat, and on top of that the rear windows were all fogged up, so we couldn't see anyways. Anyways we jumped out of the car, and found out that my bike had some scratches and the bike rack was bent anlong with the trunk of the car, but the funniest part was that the cast iron mailbox had snapped clean off. So Elder Christensen had to go tell the guy that he just demolished his mailbox, and it was a very interesting conversation. Needless to say, he is now in the category with Grandpa Ziegler, as far as making jokes about hitting things while driving, but his target couldn't move. My bike is fine, just a little traded paint so nothing to worry about there. Elder Thacker's bike however, has some more serious issues, which is weird since mine was the one that hit the box. But anyways, that's been interesting to deal with.Other than that, thing have been really good. I calculated my journal expectancy, and I should finish my first one by sometime in August - September area (yeah I know I'm a nerd, just deal with it) so that's when I'll publish that for y'all to check out. It's quite a bit more detailed than my emails, I just have limited time to write these.Hope all is going well there, you're in my prayers as well. Elder Hughes

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